Wednesday, August 7, 2013


3 days before the full moon i would see a new face one who would partake of the peach and give on to them youth and beauty. But, this effect would not last long, within a short month time they would revert back to there natural look. So every month 3 days before the full moon's rising they're would be a New face one who would give them this youth and beauty they so desired. I was but a young stray when they had took me in, at first they seemed kind and sweet. I believed that they where as innocent as a delicate flower blooming on a hot summer day. But, to my eyes have have deceived me, what I have I been brought en into, who are they? No answers. I would be feed properly taken care of but, still those poor girls I wanted so much to help them. But, to betray the ones who gave me shelter and food would a punishment of the ages. So I sit and watch as they continue you to bring new faces to our home. In till she came that's when it all changed.
                                       The Moon Reveals Secrets Hidden In The Dark                                        

It's another month just as every month before it, at least that's what I thought it would be, till she came. She was scared but calm, she was crying but not screaming. Who is she why am i so intrigued by her. Curse me for my curiosity but, I must know who this girl is. Hey there where did you come from. My heart stopped, her voice echoed threw me as the sound of a beautiful song bird in which I love to eat, hey I am a cat can you blame me. I squeeze threw there bars only to rid me of my curiosity. I crept up to her she looked at me her eyes shined like the moon on a clear night sky and her smile as bright as the morning sun rising to start a new day. I sit before her she pets me. Where did they take you from? I asked her. But, she did not respond in staid looked at me with shock. For a moment I wonder why is she was looking at me like that till she spoke. You can talk?.... Yes quite well actually, don't all cats talk? No... They don't are you a witch? What's a witch? We both starred into each others eyes. And before i can continue to rid curiosity i heard doors unlocking.There coming. I flee from her cage and hide. Please don't leave me. I look back at her, don't eat the peach. No matter what they tell you don't eat it or you'll die...

Hello my dear, such beauty beholds you. Thank you mam but, please I would like to go home. Now now my dear patience. First you must do something for us and home shall be your reward. What is it I must do then. Partake of the peach. Peaches make me sick i cannot eat it. Just a tiny bite shall do no harm. Please mam i cannot. Then I guess you don't want to go home. PLEASE yes I just wanna go home. Then you shall partake of this peach or forever be within this cage never to see your home or family again. The door slams and I hear her crying. Please don't cry. How can i not, i just wanna go home. Where is home? Ky'ron. Across the high mountains and pass the rivers edge lies a small town called Ky'ron. But, how do i know this. You know of my home. I don't know i just do. Sofia. What? My name, my name is Sofia of Ky'ron and you. Sofia such a beautiful name. But, i don't have a name. So we should give you one, can't go around being nameless now. How about Solomon. Solomon that name it sounds familiar why do i feel like i know it. So what do you think do you like it. Yes i do, thank you but, if i may ask why that name. You remind me of a childhood friend i once had, his name was Solomon.Well i like it. If i may ask another question, what are witches? There the ones who took me. Did you not know all this time you've been with them. She starts to cry again, What do i say? I'm going to get you out i promise. WHAT!? What am I thinking I can't do that I would be betraying the ones who took me in. Its suicide i cant. But, then why cant i remember being a small stray all my life i have been told of this and yet i don't remember it. I go to see what the witches, as Sofia calls them.What am I to do and why does Sofia stand out from the rest. All I know is I must get her out.
                                               Even Darkness Can Bear New Life                                              

It is the night of the rising moon and she has yet to partake of the peach and we don't have time to find another girl. Calm your self now Melody we shall make her partake of the peach. But, Jessie if she does not partake of the peach by sun set we will grow old and wither away. No my sister we shall not, we shall have beauty and youth if i have to ripe it from her myself. Yes sister Morgana.

Morgana,Melody&Jessie triplets who where born of darkness, where they came from would forever be unknown, but to my knowledge they are as dark and cruel as can be. There you are kitty, have you seen our new friend that has come home to play with us. Solomon. what was that now. she gave me a name its Solomon. OH! So you have seen her. you wouldn't happen to warn her about the peach now would you because if so then. No of course not why would i betray my kind and carrying masters who have shelter and feed me so very long. Morgana stares in to my eyes almost as if shes trying to see in to my soul. Makes me glad I'm a cat. wait that look why have i seen that look before. So Solomon... I guess the name suits you, says Melody as she picks me up to sit me on her lap. what was that? Was a it a memory a flash back? But, how could this be I've been a cat all my life. You must get her to eat the peach she seems to trust you Solomon. I don't think shes going to eat it, i mean she said it makes her sick did she not.  Yes she did, but how would you know unless you where in the room. I tried to run but, melody holds me tight. I heard you all talking when i was out side chasing the song birds. I must not give them any reason to think i am a traitor if i am to get Sofia out. Alright ill do it ill get her to eat it. Good boy i knew i can count on you to do what needs to be done. Now well be back we must gather more ingredients before the rising of the moon by the time we arrive she should of partaken of the peach, correct Solomon? Yes Morgana i will do as you ask.
                                 It Is Not Darkness That Is Evil But What Dwells Within It                                

Wake up, Sofia GET UP NOW! What whats going on. We must get you out now. I manged to get the keys while there gone let us escape. We have to get to the mountains before they realize your gone. But, how i don't even know how they got me here to begin with.... Shes right even i have never seen the power they behold they always keep it secret from me as if..... Wait my sister. Your what? I had a sister and they took her away i followed them and they turned me... turned you into a cat... yes but how did you know unless... typical human you would believe any woman who would show you kindness. Sofia? NO WAIT!

What? was i just dreaming what the hell. Crazy dream. Meow! Hey Alex did sleep much either did you. I had this crazy dream about witches and talking cats. Maybe i should write it into a story. But, Why does it all seem so real .................

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