Sunday, July 21, 2013


I can hear her, shes keeps calling my name, i can hear her walking up the stairs. Why, did we have to come into this abandoned hotel for. Maybe if i close my eyes and ignore her she'll just leave.

Timmy, i know your awake Timmy. My eyes open at the sound of her voice, my heart starts rushing hearing her clime the stairs shes getting closer and I'm on the 6th floor. WHAT DO I DO?, MOM!.
What are you screaming for, mom mom theirs something out in the hall. I watch mom go in the hall, everything is quite its dark. Mom walks back in, theirs nothing out there, so go to sleep I'm right in the next room. Maybe shes right its properly just my mind playing tricks on me. An Hour passes I'm still not asleep, whats that noise, i get up and go into the hall i look down the stairs. Oh no, no no no, there she is, shes on the second floor, Timmy Timmy,  I'm coming for you Timmy, how does she know my name, what does she want with me. I run back in my room and close the door, i grab sheets in hopes to make a rope to escape. Timmy I'm on the third floor, I'm getting closer, my hearts rushes even faster as i tied the sheets, then i realize my mom shes still in the next room. I open the door to go to my moms room, Timmy she cant help you Timmy, I'm on the fourth floor Timmy. i re shut the door and finish tying the sheets but when i open the window. Timmy I'm outside your door I'm coming in Timmy, my heart starts racing i cant breath tears are falling down my face, i hear the door open, shes inside what do i do now, Timmy what are you doing with those sheets, i take a deep breath, its mom she must of heard me moving around so she came to check on me, i turn around AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morning time comes, Timmy are you awake its time for us to go Timmy, mom walks into my room only to see me on the ceiling, on the bed in the closet, i was every where, she runs out screaming only to see her, her standing there, shes holding something, mom walks up to her, hello Hello, I told you mom i told you there was something in the hall, she holds my head up towrd's my mom and laughs, you should of listened to me mom, Mom screams and then........ Silence




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