Sunday, July 21, 2013

The door behind dreams

It is said that when you sleep your soul leaves your body and travels and when it comes back you feel as if you never slept. but, sometimes if you go to far you may never return.

Every night before bed mama would tell me story's of a world in your dreams where the children will all go to be what ever they wanted to be, from a Knight in Armor or an Astronaut out in space.
But,mama, also told me not to go past any doors cause they would take me to the bad place and if i go to the bad place I will never see her again. 

When i closed my eyes and started to dream I would dream i was going to my special place, where dragons would fly and, cats could talk. But, there was always that door, it looked so cool I didn't think a peak would do harm but, i was wrong. I foolishly open the door ignoring the fact that mama told me not to, i mean hey i was a kid. As i opened the door the clouds started to change everything started to smell funny it got so cold the dragons started to disappear the cats started hissing There's, someone here, I'm scared, I closed the door but, when I turned there was a boy standing there starring at me. Hi! How you doing? Why is he just still standing there? I was feeling scared is that blood I said to myself but, this is a dream and mama always said dreams can't hurt you and if you ever feel scared wanna wake up close your eyes and count to 5 and when you reopen you will be back I your room. So I closed my eyes and counted to 5 but, when I reopened the boy was now in front of me now he was shaking and his eyes where scary I closed my eyes again and counted 1,2,3... I heard the door open 4,... I reopen my eyes, what wait no , I'm in the bad place I'm behind the door  mama, please no I'm sorry, the door closes. 5 years later mama still tells me the story still tells me to stay away from the door, and when I see her I scream begging for her to hear me, because he is now me and I am behind the door behind the dreams.....

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