Sunday, July 21, 2013

Voices inside my head

Can anyone hear me, please im right here, anyone. Someone, the voices get louder and i go deeper in the darkness falling faster and louder. No one can save me no one will see me, i am alone. forever to remember that day.

I'm telling you I'm not crazy bro, I heard a kid screaming. And then what? Cory looks at me with confusion. Then she just stops.Well ima roll a blunt so you can calm down cause you look alil shaken up. Wake Up Jay. What?! Did you hear that? Nah I didn't hear anything, Wake Up Jay. I need to go upstairs my head hurts. Alright ill come up in a sec you alright though. Yeah I'm fine ill be fine. I get into the hall head hurts more i get to my stairs and a flash comes before me, i stop (Wake Up Jay) i hear screaming then it stops. I open my door and my cats are meowing as always I lay in my bed. I close my eyes and I begin to fall Into a deep sleep.Wake Up Jay. Who are you? Wake Up Jay, you have to wake up.

Jay! (Cory's knocking on the door) My eyes open I get up and open the door. You wanna smoke? Yeah.... What wrong your all sweaty and shit, just got out of this crazy dream. Word wanna talk about it. Smoke fills my room it's calming me I don't hear anything. Nah i rather not. Well Just do me a favor, whats that? Wake Up Jay. What? what are you talking about Cory? I said take it easy OK. Oh yeah thanx. Well im about to head back down stairs if you need anything let me know. OK. I watch Cory leave. I hear the door close. I lay back down to sleep. NO! WAKE UP JAY! No it's happening again! Wake up from where whose there. I start to move around house going threw each room still nothing no one is here so where is this voice coming from. The lights go out. Oh no please no, my heart starts to race. Something just moved what's going on. Who's there!? Leave me alone! My door unlocks I grab a blunt object. Jay?! It's Pito. Yeah, I'm here. What happen to the lights? I don't know properly blew out. Ima check down stairs see whats going on. Alright ill be up here. Just do me a favor. What? Just wake up. WHAT?! I said tell Cedrick to come up. My head starts racing i feel woozy I start to go  down the stairs to go to the basement to the circuit breaker. I fall there's the screaming again, wait why does my head hurt.

I hear voices so many voices, theres lights i can see lights, im in a hospital, what happen. Cory explains that i feel down the stairs and Pito ran down with the light on his phone, Rachel came out and started screaming trying to wake you up hearing her scream he came running up. We tried everyday to get you to wake up Jay. Tha...... before i could even finish i feel the darkness coming back. whats going on CORY! somebody please no i don't wanna be hear anymore. But all there was me the darkness and the Voices inside my head


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